Welcome to Kamo Intermediate School
Ki te kura takawaenga o Kamo nau mai

We value positive parent/teacher communication and encourage parents to stay connected with their children during this exciting time of their education and growth.  Positive home and school communication and contact are very important and provide an excellent way for everyone to stay in touch and informed.

Our mantras are very important to us and lead us in how we think, act and respond

If it is to be it is up to me

Be the you you want to be

Be the best you can be

E hine, E tama, Ngā Whetū Mō Āpōpō; Girls and boys, stars of tomorrow

The Kamo Intermediate Culture will immerse you in Channel K and you will soon see the power of positive talk and affirmations.  To both students and parents/caregivers we extend a warm welcome to Kamo Intermediate School.  Kamo Intermediate is very proud of its achievements and the culture that has been developed here and we are pleased to have you as members of the school community.

Intermediate schools are recognised as being a quality educational structure for  meeting the needs of emerging adolescents and maintaining their engagement with education at this crucial stage of their lives.

At Kamo Intermediate we have a philosophy that puts the learner at the centre.  We have a culture that creates a caring environment of trust and belonging, active engagement where authentic learning is valued, and where healthy peer relationships are nurtured.  Teaching practice and programmes are responsive to the needs and characteristics of emerging adolescents; are challenging and demanding; and provide effective differentiation and adaptation of learning opportunities.  The curriculum is created from, responsive to, and reviewed through the use of student voice.  Above all, the structure and organisation of the school recognises the needs of learners of this age.

Kamo Intermediate will offer many opportunities over the two year timeframe.  The school is proud of its outstanding sporting accomplishments, exceptional cultural activities and opportunities, high academic achievements and outdoor education programmes.
The school staff is heavily involved in providing high quality programmes and opportunities for students.  They have a clear understanding of and empathy with, the physical, social and academic needs of emerging adolescents.

Again, we welcome you to this inspirational place of learning and growing.  We are sure that the time your child spends at Kamo Intermediate will stay with them forever.