Stripes is one way Kamo Intermediate acknowledges a range of student achievements.

Many students set a goal of achieving the Bronze Award (20 stripes), Silver Award (35 stripes) or the Gold Award (50 stripes) by the time they leave Kamo Intermediate School.

The poster in the link above shows the range of ways students can receive stripes.

There are changes to the process in 2018. These changes came from parent feedback during 2017. To receive a stripe the event needs to be affiliated to Kamo Intermediate. Students can receive only one stripe a year from each of the sports and cultural list.

ICAS participation stripes will be given to students who sit 2 or more assessments. Students who gain a High Distinction, Distinction or Credit, will receive an additional stripe e.g. ICAS Science.

If you would like further information on stripes, please contact the school office.

Image on the right: Katie Doar (KIS 2013-2014), who holds the record for most stripes collected while attending  with an outstanding 104 stripes.