“Physical activity is important in the growth and development of pre-adolescents.”

As part of the physical education programme, many sports and games are played. Inter-class and inter-syndicate challenges and tournaments are a strong feature of the culture of our school with wide-ranging, positive spin-offs.

Activities cover most common sports and games as well as novelty recreational events. There are school championships in swimming, cross country and athletics. School activities also include the Lunchtime-Sports-Championships, Tabloids, Winter Sports, The AIMS Games and the annual WIS-KIS Challenge (our sporting and cultural competition with Whangarei Intermediate).

We participate in many inter-school sporting championships and tournaments organised by the Whangarei Primary Schools’ Sports Association (WPSSA) and groups such as Sport Northland.

“Positive attitudes to physical activity bring lifelong advantages.”

We have school teams who participate in local after-school and weekend competitions and parent support is essential for this to continue. Our school has had many Hockey and Netball teams who compete and succeed in these competitions.

We also have teams in out-of-school hours’ sports such as basketball, volleyball, twilight hockey, table tennis and various fun runs. 

We actively encourage children to join clubs which serve our district.


Student Fairplay Code of Conduct

Sports Selection Policy

Coach Selection Policy