Lunchtime Sports Championships

KIS Lunchtime Sports Competitions

“NETBALL”. The Champions from 2018 again made the finals for 2019. Although in a different packaging, could they win it all again?

The Final was between Mr Ridling’s Room 8 from Matai (the champions of 2018 but as Room 18 and Rimu) against Matua Harrison’s Room 17 by far, the 2 best teams in the competition.

In a great flowing game, with speed, tenacity and skills on display. The 1st half was a very tight affair but at the half Room 8 had a very slender margin.

The second half was more of the same, but Room 8 got the upper hand and stretched the lead at the finish.

Congratulations to our Netball Champions for 2019 Mr Ridlings’s Room 8!!!

Also congratulations to our Winners of the Plate: Ms Norrish’s Room 13!!!


Photos By Aimee L & Kaitlyn B

KIS Lunchtime Sports Competitions

“GOAL-SHOOTING RELAY”. Each class is vying to be the ACCURACY UNDER PRESSURE Champions for 2019.

The Finals were between Room 17 from Rimu, Room 22 from Nikau, Room 14 from Tawa, Room 26 from Kauri, Room 8 from Matai and Room 3 from Kowhai.

The Goal-shooting Relay consists of 15 different goal shots at 6 different disciplines – 1st are 4 Basketball shots at our 4 different hoops. 2nd are 4 Netball shots, also at our 4 different goals. next is a short sprint to the 3rd discipline 2 hockey shots at the 2 hockey goals. 4th is the 2 rugby punts over the 2 sets of posts. 5th is to score at the 2 football goals, before the final discipline 1 frisbee throw into the landing ring. Then everyone must return to the start with every piece of equipment put away in the sacks and the team lined up and seated. First to finish wins!

Congratulations to our Goal-Shooting Champions for 2019 Miss Turner’s Room 22!!!

Also congratulations to our Winners of the Plate: Miss Hewinson’s Room 9!!!




KIS Lunchtime Sports Competitions


As is tradition, the very first Inter-Class competition is “TUG OF WAR”. Each class is vying to be the STRONGEST KIS LTS Champions for 2019.

The Finals were between 2 Rimu Syndicate classes. Matua Popham’s  Room 18 and Matua Harrison’s Room 17.

As with all classic finals especially between 2 classes in the same whānau (syndicate) it was all on!!!

Congratulations to our first Champions for 2019 Matua Popham’s Room 18!!!

Also congratulations to our Winners of the Plate: Whaea Byrne’s Room 20!!!

KIS Lunchtime Sports Competitions

The 2018 Netball Championships are an Inter-Class competition, with each class vying to be the KIS LTS Champions for this year.

The Finals were between 2 Rimu Syndicate classes. Mr Ridling’s Room 18 and Miss Turner’s Room 15.

It was a classic final with the ball and the goals going back and forth and being a “game of 2 halves”. In the first half Room 15 took their chances and lead at the half, but in the second interval Room 18 converted more of their turnovers. But was it enough to win? . . .

In the end yes that second half performance got Room 18 through! Congratulations Mr Ridling and the team from Room 18. Rimu wins a Championship!

KIS Lunchtime Sports Competitions

This year’s Lunchtime Goal-Shooting Relay Championships pitted the best from each syndicate.

Representing Nikau Room 19, representing Kowhai Room 2, representing Tawa Room 11, representing Rimu Room 16 and representing Matai Room 6

The “Goal Shooting Relay” event is you have 15 goal shooters from each class, all passing a band to each successive shooter. They start with 4 Basketballers, then 4 Netballers, 2 Hockey shooters are next, 2 rugby  goal kickers, then 2 football scorers and finally 1 frisbee thrower. The first team to score all their goals and get back to the finishing area with all the equipment wins the Championship.

It was a very tense championship final, and sometimes, the ball just won’t go through the hoop for you . . . but today the Goal-Shooting Relay Champions are Miss Hewinson’s Room 11! Congratulations to everyone who made the final and awesome effort Room 11, that’s now 2 Lunchtime Sports Championships in a row for Tawa!!!

Lunchtime Sports Competitions

This year Mr Kini’s class, Room 14 were chasing history! The previous four years they had reached the championship finals and WON. Could they make it 5 in a row!!!

In the Scatterball Plate Final, it was Room 6 (Matai) vs Room 16 (Rimu). This was a very tough battle but the team from Room 6 were the victors and have won the Plate for 2018.

The Scatterball Grand Final were Room 14 who were playing against fellow Tawa syndicate classmates Room 11 (Miss Hewinson). It was very close, a lot closer then everyone had thought, but Room 14 did create history, they won 39 – 32.

Congratulations Room 14 and Tawa a fantastic effort to win the DRIVE for FIVE!!!