The concept of Channel “K” was introduced to Kamo Intermediate in 1997. We are the only school in the world that has this particular positive affirmation programme. We know this because the “K” is for Kamo and Kindness plus the fact that the idea was originated here as part of our self esteem programme.


If you already know – read on for confirmation. If you don’t know or are unsure – read on to find out.

The idea comes from the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by Dr. David SchwartzEverybody has a choice when they get out of bed in the morning to tune their brain into thinking positively or negatively. The choice is theirs. It is recognised that thinking negatively is the easy option. This is helped by the news services that we listen to and the ‘hurry up’ remarks that are a regular feature of most mornings. To encourage our students to tune into the positive – Channel “K” (Kamo / Kindness). We ask that they make at least 3 positive, uplifting comments during the day, preferably to 3 different people.

Is this easy? No!
Is it worthwhile? Yes!

It is difficult to be in a negative frame of mind if you are smiling and thinking about making positive comments.

Does this make a difference? We believe so. The tone and attitude of the children and staff are founded in the belief that being positive and supporting others to be positive makes for a pleasant working environment. Hearing the children respond to ‘put-downs’ with the comment “That is not a Channel “K” remark.” lets us know that it is a working idea.

Start the day with Channel “K”.
Channel “K” is here to stay.
Channel “K” – all the way.
Channel “K” will lead the way.
Make my day with Channel “K”.


By Cassi Crayford (Room 22-2002)

Why at KIS, are we encouraged to put into practice the “Channel K” philosophy? What is it anyway?

Kamo Intermediate’s Channel “K” is a programme that encourages positive thoughts, words and actions amongst its students and staff. It therefore creates not only confident and friendly students, but a happy and successful class and school climate.

You may be reading this thinking, “Mmm don’t know if this is really me.”

Maybe in your past you have been hurt and are still suffering the pain. So as Pumbaa off the Lion King says “You gotta put your behind in your past”. Fortunately Timon corrected him “You gotta put your past behind ya”. Rehashing old hurts is like watching the same movie over and over again, hoping for a different ending.

Maybe you just can’t ditch that bit of negativity in you. Imagine a whole bag of juicy apples, but one of them has rot in it. Eventually the rot can spoil the whole bag. Are you going to let negativity spread? It’s up to you. If someone says something negative to you, just remember it is their problem and not yours. Don’t say something negative back. As Gandhi said “An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind.”

Your most valuable asset is your positive attitude. A good example of this was Mother Teresa. She was a very humble, caring and determined woman, who made an impact on many lives, not only amongst the poor in Calcutta, but worldwide. She saw a need and went for it, doing what was in her heart to be done, regardless of what other people thought and said. If you want a positive environment you have to be positive yourself. Don’t just leave it up to others.

You can make someone’s day by giving them a Channel “K” comment. Try it and I guarantee that you’ll feel good too. Praise people when they do something well or give it all they’ve got. Even just a simple smile will do.

This positive environment has many spin offs. Staff and students will generally have more friends, less stress and therefore better health will feel better about themselves, gain confidence, enjoy new challenges and achieve their goals. A few examples of our schools success are The Islands of Life, The Volvo Challenge, The Fair Go anti-bullying video, the Roadshow, the Science Fair and individual academic and sporting awards. Perhaps our biggest success though is the happy and friendly atmosphere that exists in this school.

Is it any wonder that Kamo Intermediate has the reputation of being the BEST INTERMEDIATE IN THE WORLD!!

(Cassi was a Kamo Intermediate Student in 2001-2002 and wrote this article as a Year-8 student for our KidzBiz Newspaper)