Term 2 Science

The students of Room 11 and Tawa have been enjoying our science rotation this term. We have had six areas of science over the last six weeks: Acids and bases, carbon cycle, burning and heat, [...]

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Room 11 Goal Shoot Relay Champions 2018

  Room 11 are the top ranked class for the Goal Shoot Relay lunchtime sport in 2018! This sport takes a lot of skill, practice, timing and patience. Miss Hewinson is extremely proud of these [...]

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Room 11 Camp Round-Up

We had an awesome three days at Whananaki this week. Thank you to all students for bringing your best behaviour and being keen to be involved in a range of activities. Thank you parents and [...]

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Room 11’s ABL – Week 3

We have done many ABL (Adventure Based Learning) activities over the past 3 weeks. Here is a challenge from Tuesday, where the students worked in groups and had to have the least amount of people [...]

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