Kamo Intermediate School – Bus Information 2021

Bus drivers will be asking for tickets and will be expecting all students travelling to Kamo Intermediate, on the Whangarei North network buses to have tickets. The network bus tickets are purchased from the Kamo Intermediate office – 10 trip concession ticket costs $20.00. This cost is reviewed annually. Any queries please see us at the Kamo Intermediate School office. THIS INFORMATION IS CORRECT AS OF September, 2020.

Contact Details 

Kamo Intermediate Phone (09) 435 0343 Kamo High School Phone(09) 435 1688
Ritchies Coachlines Phone (09) 438 7142 Whangarei Girls High Phone (09) 430 4400

The Whangarei North Transport Buses

All current bus routes are managed by the Kamo North Network.

Full details on bus runs can be found using this EasyBus link.


These are the students who qualify for a free ride to school. These students need a school ID pass.   Please make sure your child has their name on the correct bus list at the beginning of the year.

Not eligible

Students (live outside the Kamo Intermediate’s Transport Entitlement Zone) will pay $20.00 for a 10 trip RED concession ticket (you cannot pay the driver directly).

Kauri Express

Bus from Kamo Intermediate to Kaurihohore School which is free for eligible students. Departs Kamo Intermediate at 3.05pm. Travels to Kaurihohore School bus bay at 3.15pm stopping at Saleyard Rd (on return to Kamo High) Does not operate in the mornings. These students use KO4 or KO11 in the morning.

KO1 Punuruku – Kamo High Not Eligible

Leaves Oakura Shop at 7.30am travels via Russell Rd to SH1, then SH1 Hikurangi Primary (No KIS pick ups) via SH1 to Kamo High.

KO2 Hukerenui Road/Jordan Valley Road  – Not Eligible 

Leaves Hukerenui Rd/SH1 Intersection at 7.40am travels via Hukerenui Rd to Kopeti Rd, onto Riponui Rd/Heaton Rd Intersection (uplifts from KO15) via Hukerenui Rd to Jordan Valley Rd to SH1, back to Hikurangi Primary (no KIS pick ups) then via SH1 to Kamo High.

KO3 Hukerenui – Not Eligible 

Leaves Hukerenui School at 7.50am, travels via SH1 to Old North Rd, via Old North Rd to McLennan Rd.

KO4 Marua – Eligible and Not Eligible

Eligible and Not eligible Leaves Madden Road/Marua Road intersection at 7.40am, travels via Marua Road to Hikurangi Primary (students picked up in Valley Road only), via Jordan Valley Road to Apotu Road, via Apotu Road to SH1, on to Kamo High.

KO5  Purua – Not Eligible

Leaves Drake Road/Pipiwai Road intersection at 7.50am, travels via Pipiwai Rd to Ruatangata Garage then on to SHI, then to KHS. Afternoon only via Kokopu Road to Attwood Road junction and return to Pipiwai Road.

KO6  Matarau – Eligible and Not Eligible 

Eligible and Not eligible Leaves Lovell Road at 7.45am, travelling via Matarau Rd, stops at Rushbrook Rd intersection, on to Pipiwai Rd.  Leaves Ngararatuna at 8.05am, to Church Road & Dip Rd, then to Kamo High.

KO11 Three Mile Bush Road –   Eligible and Not Eligible        

Eligible and Not eligible Leaves Smithville Rd/Three Mile Bush Rd 7.35am via 3 Mile Bush Rd to Pipiwai Rd, via Pipiwai Rd to Tremain/Miro Rd’s terminus, return via Pipiwai Rd to Matarau Rd (Matarau School at 7.50am NO pick ups) to Church Rd & Crane Rd to Apotu Rd, SH1 and Kamo High.

KO13  Whananaki – Not Eligible 

Leaves Whananaki School 7.30am via Whananaki Rd to Whatmough Rd – transfer to KO24 at approximately 7.50am (morning only) to Kamo High. In the afternoon Kamo Intermediate students travel whole route on KO13.

KO15 Crows Nest Road / Riponui – Not Eligible 

Leaves Hukerenui Primary at 7.10am via Crows Nest Rd to Riponui Rd, via Riponui to Marlow Rd. Return via Riponui Rd to Hukerenui Rd (Transfer students to KO2 @ approx 7.55am)

KO16  Puhipuhi/MIine Road –   Not Eligible

Leaves Tea Tree Flat Road/Puhipuhi Road intersection at 7.50am,  travels  via Puhipuhi Rd to to SH1, travels SH1 to Old North Road & McLennans Rd (Whakapara Hall – uplift secondary students from KO3) via SHI to Hikurangi Primary (no pickups), on to Kamo High.

KO22  Hukerenui/Tapuhi Road – Not Eligible

Leaves the terminus at Nelsons Rd at 7.35am, travel via Tapuhi Rd to Waiotu Block Rd, via Waiotu Block Rd to SH1, via SH1 to Hukerenui School. Leaves Hukerenui School at 7.55am travels via SH1 direct to Kamo High.

KO24  Pigs Head Road/Whananaki North Road – Not Eligible

Morning trip only (Students use KO13 in PM except Pigs Head Road who use KO1) Bus leaves Pigs Head Road/Kaikanui Road intersection at 7.35am, via Pigs Head Road to Whananaki North Road/ Whatmough Road intersection (uplift students from KO13 at 7.50am) travel via Whananaki North Rd to SH1, via Hikurangi Primary School (no pickups) to Kamo High.

Other Buses

Glenbervie, Ngunguru, Pataua North, Tutukaka, Sandy Bay, Ford Road, Matapouri, and  Whareora Kamo Intermediate students arriving at Tikipunga High in the morning, make their way to the Shuttle Bus for Kamo Intermediate $25.00 for 10 trip concession ticket or $3.00 per trip (payable to the driver).

Sandy Bay, Matapouri, Tutukaka,  Ngunguru  

Sandy Bay 7.30am,  Matapouri 7.33am, Tutukaka Store 7.45am, Ngunguru School 7.50am, Tikipunga Sports Ground 8.15am.

Ngunguru Ford Road

Departs Ngunguru Ford Road terminus 7.40am to Glenbervie School 7.55am to Tikipunga Sports Ground 8.15am.

Patua North/Whareora

Departs Pataua Nth beach 7.20am, Whareora Hall 7.40am, Harris Rd, Glenbervie School 7.50am to Tikipunga Sports Ground.

Glenbervie/ Mt Tiger/ Whareora Morning

– Departs Mill Rd/Whareora Rd 7.35am to Clapham Rd 7.40am to Harris Rd 7.55am to Glenbervie School 8.00am.  Students will need to board either Pataua North or Ngunguru bus to travel to Tikipunga Sports Ground 8.15am

In the afternoon students who have caught the Whareora bus in the morning will not be able to catch it in the afternoon. They will need to catch the Tiki Link bus and board the Pataua bus. Tiki Link Departs from Kamo Intermediate 3.20pm for Tikipunga Sports Ground. $25.00 for 10 trip concession ticket or $3.00 per trip – Payable to the Driver.

Circuit bus Tikipunga/ Kamo East –  KIS (Serves St Francis Xavier, Tikipunga High and Kamo Intermediate) Morning 

 Departs Bus bay (Whangarei Girls High) 8.03am, Mill Rd, Kiripaka Rd, Tikipunga High 8.15am, Manapouri St, Paramount Parade, Corks Rd, Station Rd to Kamo Intermediate.  In the afternoon leaves Kamo Intermediate at 3.05pm. $25.00 for 10 trip concession ticket or $3.00 per trip – Payable to the Driver.

Hikurangi Bus  

Leaves the North-end of Hikurangi at 7.35am and stops at all public bus stops along Kamo Rd. On return will pick children up from the public bus stops at approx 4.00pm on Kamo Rd heading Nth. Pay bus $3.00 per ride or $25.00 for 10 trip concession ticket – Payable to driver

Students using this bus in the afternoon are encouraged to take the Maunu bus directly from school, as this is the bus that collects students from Kamo at 4pm.

Maunu Bus   

Leaves Maunu at 8.40am.  In the afternoon it leaves the school at 3.04pm.  For more details contact Ritchies.