AIMS Games

2021 Dates

The 2021 Anchor AIMS Games will be held during the week of Saturday 4 to Friday 10 September. The tournament will again be based out of Tauranga City, New Zealand.

Visit the AIMS Games website for information about sports and entry requirements.

Important Information Pre AIMS Games

2021 AIMS Games Info Meeting Notes

Individual code applications will be distributed on Monday 1 March and are due no later than Friday 26 March.

A letter of application is required and we are looking for students who have represented at the elite level e.g. Northland or Whangarei at the very least.

2021 AIMS Games Team Announcements

The Boys and Girls Football Teams have been announced and you will find them by clicking the below attachment. Congratulations to all who were successful.


2019 Results


Cross Country

Y7G – Ela 28th and Mollie 39th out of 179 competitors

Y7B – Ben 20th, Finn 61st and Luca 79th out of 177 competitors

Y8G – Kaleigh 76th out of 166 competitors

Y8B – Athan 5th, Jack 22nd, Zane 44th, Wyatt 47th and Louis 94th out of 173 competitors.

Athan, Jack and Zane also finished fourth as combined points placings.


Lily-Mae – finished 11th overall

Multi Sport

Louis – 26th out of 60

Lily – 29th out of 33


Ry – made four finals and achieved personal bests in most events

Hans – made three finals and achieved perosonal bests in most events


Blake – winner of the Consolation round (second tier). Placed 41st overall


Ben – GOLD in Double Mini and SILVER in Tramp


Girls FootballBRONZE out of 34 (first team from KIS to compete)

Quick Rip 7’sBRONZE out of 31 (first year of Quick Rip 7’s at the Games)

Boys HockeyBRONZE out of 9

Girls Hockey – 7th out of 22

Boys Football – 9th out of 56. Placing first in the Plate Round (the best placing we have had)

Boys Rugby 7’s – 12th out of 54

Netball – 12th out of 128 (the best placing we have had)

Hip Hop – 26th out of 29 (first team from KIS to compete)



Sports Selection Policy

Student Fairplay Code of Conduct

2019 Dates

The 2019 Anchor AIMS Games will be held during the week of Sunday 8 to Friday 13 September. The tournament will again be based out of Tauranga City, New Zealand.

Our Competitors



Athan Thompson, Boston Himiona, Charlie Kelly, Connor Bryham (GK), Ethan Myers, Luke Himiona, Merrick Walker, Nico Healey, Sam Crene, Tenzin Tsering, Wyatt Standing and Zane Brown.

Coach: Colin Myers, Assistant: Murray Healey, Manager: John Himiona

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 15, as is the case with all teams.


Addison Van Engelen, Addison Weir, Aimee Lindsay, Charlotte Moon, Ela Jerez, Finn Gilbert-Keene, Kiara Bazeley, Lilly-Jade Nonia, Lily-Mae Smith, Mollie Parker, Sacha Timms, Sidney O’Connell, Tayla-Jay Gardner and Waimirirangi Seve.

Coach: Phil Auton, Manager: Irene Lindsay

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 15, as is the case with all teams.


Aaron Harrison, Baylee Gorrie, Cohen Douglas, Dylan Browne, Hayden Turner, Hunter Martin, Kade Cuff, Kade Manahi, Kalym Werder, Nahuel Racioppi, Nathan Vendt, Scott Illerbrun, Seth Jones (GK), Sheldon Michelsen and Tommy Litchfield.

Coach: Rowan Vendt, Manager: Chrissy Harrison

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 15, as is the case with all teams.


Abbie Cathcart, Alexis Hannam, Amber Woodworth, Brooke Hay, Danielle Iwashita (GK), Ella Currie, Georgia Cross, Jade Bean, Kate Illerbrun, Kahneisha Woods-Eruera, Kaja Haenga-Plank, Molly Wilson, Nikita Forsyth, Olivia Tattersfield, Summer Overton (added for AIMS Games) and Susie Finlayson.

Coach: Jess Turner, Manager: Jennie Cross

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 15, as is the case with all teams.


Alani Cherrington, Ameia Tawha, Anna MacRury, Harriet Wehi (added for AIMS Games), Hazel Jennings, Kiri-Maree Rodger, Lily Soich, Mia Chatterton, Nevaeh Armstrong, Phoenix Kaipo and Savana Whitehead.

Coach: Jo Grant, Manager: Jenni Hudspith

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 15, as is the case with all teams.


Blake Beardsell, Callum MacRury, Casey Puriri, Jack Graham, Jack Saunders, James Cunningham, Kees Anderson, Lorenz Bristowe, Luke Stewart, Nathan Christensen, Ryley Wise, Tametai Wihongi, Tametoa Hebden-Penitoa and Tiaki Henry.

Coach: Corey Anderson, Manager: Adyn Anderson

Two of these players will be selected as travelling reserves, but this will not be announced until towards the end of July.

Training will start in mid June, due to the number of trainings most boys are already doing (reps, club etc.)

Note: A deposit of $200 will be required by May 24, as is the case with all teams – an extension has been given, due to the timing of this announcement and the original due date.


Alex Henry, Dreyahn Mahanga-Edmonds, Evan Nathan-Patuawa, Izayah Houghton-Peita, Jayden Steward, Josh Wainwright, Kiara Cafatsakis, Manny Macpherson, Matekino Randell, Mia Hebden-Salase, Nevaeh Whittaker and Samantha Wech.

Coach: Dave Palmer, Manager: Julie Steward

Note: A deposit of $200 is required by June 7. Deposits are required for all teams. This can be paid via kindo as of Tuesday 28 May.



Y7G – Ela Jerez and Mollie Parker

Y7B – Ben Hori-Elliott, Finn Marsland and Luca Brown

Y8G – Kaleigh Soper

Y8B – Athan Thompson, Jack Saunders, Louis Moore, Wyatt Standing and Zane Brown.


Y8G – Lily-Mae Smith

GYMNASTICS (Trampolining)

Y7B – Ben Hori-Elliott


Y8G – Lily Thompson

Y8B – Louis Moore


Y7B – Hans Haufe

Y8B – Ry Luff


Y8B – Blake Hay

2018 Results

We had a huge amount of success at the Anchor AIMS Games in Tauranga. We are incredibly proud of the 101 competitors who represented KIS. Below are the final placings for everyone:

Hockey: Girls – 1st place out of 22, Boys – 5th= out of 14

Rugby 7’s: Girls – 5th out of 10, Boys – 9th out of 42

Football – 19th out of 64

Netball – 32nd out of 122

BMX: Y7B – Jay 35th. Y8B – Conor 16th, Jake 20th

Cross-Country: Y7G – Amber 33rd, Olivia 45th. Y7B – Wyatt 29th, Jack G 42nd, Zane 47th, Jack S 60th. Y8G – Maddison 132nd. Y8B Tynan 103rd. The team then competed in the 12km relay following their races. Placing 11th out of 26 schools.

Gymnastics: Y7G – Lily-Mae 19th. Y8G – Janaya 58th (overall)

Multi Sport: Y7G – Olivia 11th. Y8B – Jayden 17th, Oscar 64th. These three then competed in the ultimate relay, following their races. Placing 15th out of 18.

Squash: Y8G – Jordyn – 9th. Y7B – Hayden 15th

Tennis: Y7B – Blake – beaten in the final of the qualifying round. Played 5 matches and won three. Blake was also awarded the Sportsmanship Medal on Tuesday for his overall efforts on and off the court.

The 2018 KIS AIMS Games Team

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