AIMS Games

2022 Results



Blake – 6th in the time trial, finished 4th in the Year 7 Boys racing.

Mason – 13th in the time trial, finished 11th in the Year 8 Boys racing.


Year 7 Girls – Lala finished 77th out of 118. Time: 14:19

Year 8 Girls – Louie finished 31st with a time of 12:55, Jaimy finished 85th with a time of 13:51, and Kendall finished 98th with a time of 14:15. There were 144 in their race.

Year 8 Boys – Tai finished 24th out of 121 with a time of 11:42.

Team Player Medal awarded to: Jaimy Fitchett


Year 7 Girls – Kaea Jay: Every race PB and 2 x 4th place (50 Fly, 50 Free) and a 9th place (50 Back)

Year 7 Boys – Maka: Every race PB

Year 8 Boys – Jacob: Every race PB

Year 8 Girls – Bella:  Every race PB

Team Relay: Team raced medley relay (first Northland team to do this at AIMS Games) against all the big schools from NZ and came 10th overall – so all swimmers received AIMS Games ribbons for swimming.

Team Player Medal awarded to: Kaea Jay Abraham



Lala finished 10th in the Girls Cup draw

Louie finished 17th in the Girls Consolation draw (top of the draw)


Lala and Louie placed second in the doubles, earning a SILVER medal


Boys Basketball – finished 12th out of 74 (first team from KIS to compete)

Team Player Medal awarded to: Tairone Watene

Boys Football – finished 33rd out of 50 (winners of the Bowl Final)

Team Player Medal awarded to: Jake Smith

Boys Hockey – finished 13th out of 22

Team Player Medal awarded to: Samuel Locke

Girls Hockey – finished 13th= out of 30

Team Player Medal awarded to: Jennifer Soper

Mixed Hockey – finished 18th out of 50

Team Player Medal awarded to: Daniel Martin

Netball – finished 79th out of 110

Team Player Medal awarded to: Kari Solomon

2022 Dates

The 2022 Zespri AIMS Games will be held during the week of Saturday 3 to Friday 9 September. The tournament will again be based out of Tauranga City, New Zealand.

Visit the AIMS Games website for information about sports and entry requirements.

Important Information Pre AIMS Games

AIMS Info Meeting – Tuesday 7 June, 2022

2019 Results


Cross Country

Y7G – Ela 28th and Mollie 39th out of 179 competitors

Y7B – Ben 20th, Finn 61st and Luca 79th out of 177 competitors

Y8G – Kaleigh 76th out of 166 competitors

Y8B – Athan 5th, Jack 22nd, Zane 44th, Wyatt 47th and Louis 94th out of 173 competitors.

Athan, Jack and Zane also finished fourth as combined points placings.


Lily-Mae – finished 11th overall

Multi Sport

Louis – 26th out of 60

Lily – 29th out of 33


Ry – made four finals and achieved personal bests in most events

Hans – made three finals and achieved perosonal bests in most events


Blake – winner of the Consolation round (second tier). Placed 41st overall


Ben – GOLD in Double Mini and SILVER in Tramp


Girls FootballBRONZE out of 34 (first team from KIS to compete)

Quick Rip 7’sBRONZE out of 31 (first year of Quick Rip 7’s at the Games)

Boys HockeyBRONZE out of 9

Girls Hockey – 7th out of 22

Boys Football – 9th out of 56. Placing first in the Plate Round (the best placing we have had)

Boys Rugby 7’s – 12th out of 54

Netball – 12th out of 128 (the best placing we have had)

Hip Hop – 26th out of 29 (first team from KIS to compete)



Sports Selection Policy

Student Fairplay Code of Conduct

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