Are both years affected by the BYOD initiative?

The BYOD model is for all students.

I am interested in purchasing a digital device for my child. What do I need to consider?

Price – how much are you prepared to spend? Apple products do not vary much in price from store to store. Android devices can vary quite markedly depending on sales etc. Shop around.
Purpose – Look at the purpose of the device and purchase accordingly. The school has an “open platform” stance, and with the increased use of google applications, any internet based device is suitable.
Longevity – How long do you plan to use the device. Is this for 2 years or would you like it to last for many years?

Weight – How portable is it? How heavy is it for your child to carry around?
Battery Life – Will this device need charging throughout the day? (The school does not have facility for this)

Protection – Does the device have suitable casing to protect it from the elements? Is it named clearly?

Security – Is there capability for the device to have passwords and to be “locked”?

Insurance – Ultimately it is the responsibility of the owner to insure the device from loss or damage.
Tracking software is recommended.

Minimum Requirements – access to the internet; wi-fi capability through the Kamo Intermediate network (no 3G); adobe flash is useful to be loaded on the device; minimum 4-hour battery life; portability; anti virus protection software

How can my digital device be protected from damage, loss or theft during the day?

It is recommended that you place an identifying name tag on the device, complete with name, room number and syndicate.

All classrooms have a lockable cupboard that the classroom teacher monitors. It is expected that students use the lockable cupboards to store their devices. Failing to do so will put the device at risk of damage, theft or confiscation.

It is recommended that you use a sleeve or like to protect the device while in your bag.

Students are not allowed to have their devices in the playground during morning tea or lunch.

Use a tracking device or tracking software.

Have adequate personal insurance.

Will digital devices be used in every classroom?

The teacher will use their judgment as to the best way to use digital technology in the learning programme.  A digital device is a very powerful tool for engaging in learning, but it is not the only tool that teachers at Kamo Intermediate use to deliver high quality teaching.

What happens if a child misuses the device?

If an incident does occur that comes to our attention, we will deal with it in relation to our digital policies and procedures.  Parents will be informed and the situation/incident discussed with them.