People really are quite strange.

Simple actions have so many meanings. Many different feelings leak from tiny things. Like hand holding it could be for comfort ,or a friendship forming. It’s such an oddly delicate thing. Depending on how they react, hearts could shatter or skip a beat. If you think about it, human hearts are kind of like glass. If there is too much pressure it buckles and breaks.Yet we still keep repairing ourselves. It’s a very weird thing if you ask me

It’s weird how everybody has a different experience at the same time and place as another human being. How each brain’s wiring is a twisted masterpiece and their stories are still unraveling. How we are all built with the same things but end up entirely different.

Even though we are all different we can understand and talk to each other easily. It’s like we’re all cogs. We work together with our different pieces to build a machine called society. Each one of us makes a change in how the rest of us work. If one slows down someone will pick them back up again. It’s kind of crazy for me to think but people are strange in a good way. It’s a truly fascinating reality.

-By Kenadee (Kauri)