Tena koutou katoa

As we approach the end of the school year, I don’t think anyone anticipated having to work our way through another year of covid-19 trials and tribulations.  I have been constantly impressed with the resilience of our students and the way they have approached their learning with enthusiasm.  This term’s overarching concept of globalisation has engaged the young people.  In recent weeks I have met with a number of Year 8 students applying for their Principal’s Stripe.  I really enjoy talking with these young people about their aspirations, how they have consistently set themselves goals, people who have inspired them and who they have in turn inspired and how they maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They will all go on to achieve well at high school.

I was lucky enough to attend Kowhai’s Team Assembly yesterday and it was clear there had been a lot of deliberation about who should receive awards – not an easy task when there are so many deserving people.  Congratulations to all who received recognition.

This year we farewell a few staff members and wish the following all the best for the future endeavours:

Brony Oakley-Browne – Brony came out of the classroom two years ago after winning one of the newly formed Learning Support Coordinator positions.  Brony has chosen to have a change of school and has won a position at Opononi Area School, teaching three days a week.

Hamish Ridling has been teaching at Kamo Intermediate for well over ten years, more recently leading one of our Sports Classes.  Hamish has accepted a position at Ngunguru School closer to where he lives.  His expertise in sport will be sorely missed.  

Pete Maloney has been at KIS for two years and is making the move to Dunedin.  Pete has been an integral part of the Tawa Team.  Having recently purchased his first home in Dunedin, we wish him all the very best in the deep south. 

Brad Kini took leave earlier this year and has made the decision to resign.  Brad was a teacher at KIS for approximately 15 years; instrumental in coaching and guiding many sports programmes and in starting our Boys Class 3 years ago.  We hope Brad may return as a reliever in the future but whatever path his life takes, we wish him well. 

Jan O’Connor has also been teaching at KIS for a number of years and more recently has been part of the Specialist STEAM Team, teaching biotechnology. Jan is looking forward to continuing her travel abroad, when covid restrictions allow and pursuing other interests.  We hope she is a regular visitor to the school and supporter of our newly formed Environment Character Class. 

This week starts our annual end of year celebrations where students are recognised for their various achievements earned throughout the year.  Each and every student is congratulated for attaining their respective awards.  Our KIS Sports and Formal Prize Giving ceremonies will be filmed and available for viewing on our website from next Monday evening. We are sorry we are unable to have parents and whanau members join us in recognising each recipient.  A list of prize winners will be published next week.

As we approach the end of year, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout a very challenging year.  I am especially proud of how well the Year 8 students have made the most of the opportunities available to them and shown exceptional resilience when confronted with cancelled and postponed events.  We do hope they can look back on their years at KIS with fondness and remember many of the fun activities they participated in.  

Take care as the silly season begins! 

Kim Sloane