The Journey

Promises can hurt you, lies can do the same. 

Words can cut you as deep as some knives. But you can’t feel the pain. 

On a rugged path you roam, moving with the dips and turns, 

The imperfects and the perfects and the people in turn.

People may laugh, but you don’t  mind 

Because you’re unique and very kind. 

People can be mean when you’re wandering alone in the places you see. 

But you can always land on your feet and be the you you want to be.

You may be imperfect 

You may be different, but in this world who isn’t?

You roam free to be who you are

not to hide behind a mask that you may give yourself

You’re independent, fierce, calm and quiet. 

You are who you are, and don’t mind it, 

You embrace your differences and don’t try to hide it.

By Ruby-June Taylor