Tena koutou katoa

I hope this update finds you all well and enjoying some nice warm weather.  

We have been well entertained and impressed with the way the students have entered into the spirit of our school athletics.  There have been some great races and outstanding achievements in the field events.  As I write this we are still to have some of the finals and I’m sure Miss Hewinson will publish the results at the conclusion of all events. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, there will be no Whangarei Y7 and Y8 competition this year but we hope in 2022 we can again compete against other schools.

At this time of the year, teachers are writing reports. We are also making decisions around prize winners.  Due to the current Covid situation, our school prize giving ceremonies will take a different format this year.  Unfortunately we are unable to host parents/caregivers onsite so we will hold the main ceremonies during the school day, instead of during the early evening.  Details will be published when we reach a decision of the best way to livestream them to you. 

For whatever reason, we are seeing an increasing number of students who are coming to school exceptionally tired.  Often this can result in dysregulated behaviour and students can become difficult to manage. We have students falling asleep in class, unable to concentrate on learning activities and sometimes enticing antisocial behaviour. 

Of increasing concern is the amount of time some students are spending on social media and / or gaming outside of school – some are doing this into the wee hours of the morning. When questioned, students are very honest in telling us what time they have gone to bed/sleep.  If possible, turn the wifi off when you go to bed at night.  Also consider removing devices from bedrooms.  We know this can be hard as you will likely meet with resistance, but keep persevering. Device addiction is on the increase. 

A polite reminder to those parents who haven’t yet enrolled their Y8 child at a secondary school.  Please don’t leave it any longer.  Our colleagues at secondary schools rely on knowing their intake, as do we, to plan for the coming year.  

We are looking forward to lots of fun activities for the last month or so of school.  Thank you to those who have offered to help with class / team trips.  Your time is very much appreciated.

Kim Sloane