An important enrolment message from Kamo High School
This year Kamo High School implemented an online enrolment process followed up with an enrolment interview. Kamo High have completed a number of these and know there are still some Kamo
Intermediate students who have yet to enrol at a secondary school for next year.
To assist you with the enrolment process, Kamo High School will have two deans available on Thursday 30September 9.20am to 4.00pm at Kamo Intermediate.
This will enable you to collect your child from their class and meet with the Kamo High team at Kamo Intermediate. Please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport and immunisation details.

Please visit school interviews to book a time to meet with the Kamo High team or contact Kamo High office (4351688) for assistance.
Event Code: bv47p

Other important dates
Orientation Day 12 November 9.00 am to 2.00pm at Kamo High School
Only students who have completed the enrolment process will be able to attend