Raising Resilient Children

What we can do – as parents and community – to help!

We use the word resilience all the time, we want it for ourselves and for our children. But what does it actually look like? And how do we develop it?

Understanding the neuroscience of how resilience develops, will help us recognise what we can do in our everyday lives and interactions, to increase resilience in our communities. This session will help you understand, in a simple yet sufficient way, how we can build resilience. The beauty of this session is that you can take the information and immediately apply it to your world. Reports of ‘you have changed our household’ and ‘I get it now’ are very common feedbacks from those who attend this session.

Come along and hear how it can help you too. Kathryn is a mother of two adolescents, with a Masters in Educational Psychology. Kathryn has been learning and working in this area for over twenty years, training national and international audiences, including Police, Teachers, Parents, Social Workers, NZRugby and many more.

Come along to this unique, local opportunity to hear what might be the most useful information of your life! This event is sponsored by Ngā Kura mo te ako o Whangārei Kahui Ako Hub

Parent flyer for October 28th 2021