Are you aware of the apps your child is using?

Are you aware that some children have two or more Instagram accounts so they can share one with you and keep the other/s hidden?

Are you aware of (and visit) the pages your child follows?

Are you aware of the apps your child uses, or the sites your child is looking at when they are alone in their room or with friends?

Are you aware of the age restrictions or guidelines for the apps your child is using … and why there are restrictions?

We are increasingly aware that many students are using social media applications outside of school hours. We do not use these apps in school for learning, and due to their content, they are blocked by our service providers. Most social media apps have age restrictions for joining, with many being 13 years of age.

As parents, we would like to think that all of the contacts our children are making online are ‘known friends’, however this is not always the case. If your child is using social media apps it would be advisable to talk to them about the pages they follow, who their online friends are and who they follower. We also suggest talking about the types of conversations and images that are being shared and/or received.

If you have any concerns about any social media content your child is involved in and would like information or support, please contact NetSafe