Tēnā koutou katoa

I start by thanking you all for making every effort to ensure your children come to school while we are at Level 2. We are so lucky that schools remain open at this level.  Our thoughts are very much with those in Auckland who are home schooling.

We continue to plan for Camp and hope we are at Level One when our first groups head north in a fortnight.  If we remain at Level 2, we will make every attempt to continue with a day trip to Ruakpekapeka and Waitangi.  If you have been able to make a contribution towards Camp, we thank you.  We are making every effort to minimise costs but of course there are always costs associated with off site activities.  

Yesterday all classes spent time unpacking our Code of Conduct.  While most of our students uphold the expectations and values within the Code, a few are struggling to do so.  Students have every right to feel safe at school and if any student is threatening others, we will manage the situation, when we know about it.  If you, or your child, is concerned in any way, the first port of call should be the classroom teacher.  If situations are not resolved, please make contact with either the Team Leader or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  

Whanau can support us by ensuring you know the movement of your tamariki before and after school.  Our preference is for students to go straight home.  We are receiving a few phone calls from businesses in Kamo saying our students are letting us down with their behaviour.  This is disappointing.

Lastly, we have a Parent Support Group meeting at 5:00pm this afternoon.  We are always looking for new members, so if you can spare half an hour or so, we encourage you to join us.  

Nga mihi nui

Kim Sloane