Over the past few days we have received a number of messages  from concerned drivers about the lack of safety on roads from a small number of our students. 

If your child walks to the Whau Valley area via Kamo Road there are two safe options for crossing the road. The preferred option is to use the crossing by the entrance to Hales Road which is monitored by our school road patrollers (trained students and teachers) for a period of time after school. The alternative option is to stay on the footpath, then not crossing the road until they reach the pedestrian crossing at the Whau Valley lights.

If your child is waiting for collection in Kamo, please encourage them to wait patiently, and if need be, cross carefully – not race between cars.

If your child uses a bike or scooter, they must have a helmet and the helmet must be on their head secured correctly with straps.

Thank you for your support.