Do you know what your child is doing online?

Instagram now ranks as the number-one social networking site for cyber bullying.

We have been receiving emails recently from parents seeking support as they are concerned with online bullying on the platform Instagram. Social media is filtered and blocked at Kamo Intermediate School. From talking to students who have been posting inappropriate pictures of others and making inappropriate comments, it seems that there are some very serious safety issues that parents need to be aware of. 

  • In the most recent cases, children involved are being encouraged to post images of themselves or others to a page. 
  • They don’t know who administers the page – so they are giving images to strangers in an online platform. 
  • People are asked to ‘expose’ people they don’t like and are encouraged to post photos of others without their permission.
  • People then comment on the images – nasty comments about how a person looks, acts or what someone thinks about them.
  • Instagram age limit – 13 years.
  • Instagram pages are open to the public (not set to private). This means anyone can see everything that is posted on the account.


If your child becomes a victim of Insta-bullying, what can be done? 

  • Parents report the abuse and the post to Instagram.
  • Once you’ve reported the abuse, consider blocking the perpetrator.
  • Encourage your child to set his/her account to private.
  • Manage visibility by turning off automatic sharing settings.
  • Monitor the pages that your child is following.
  • Monitor the people that your child follows as well as those that are following your child.
  • MOST importantly – talk with your child about social media and ensure they are not using a digital device in their bedroom.

For further information and support please refer to the Netsafe Parent Toolkit