Junior Athletics Term 4

Trigg Sports Arena, Kensington Park



Running Clinic – Tuesday 10 November 4.30-5.30pm

We have spotted some fantastic runners in our Junior Athletics family and we have some very passionate running coaches. The combination of those two things means that we would love to offer and welcome those children aged 9 – 14 who would love the opportunity to learn more and gain the extra edge on their running technique to come along to our first ever Junior Athletics Running Clinic!

We are incredibly grateful for Tayla, Yvette & Jason’s time and we know that your children are getting some great gains already just from the last 3 weeks and we know that if they are keen runners, they will absolutely get huge value from coming along. We are sure that you will agree.

We invite children aged 9-14 to attend on 10th of November at 4.30pm!

RSVP : juniorathleticswhangarei@gmail.com

Open to our 7 to 14 year olds only .
Venue:          Trigg Sports Arena

Start:             Competition Commences 9:30am
Officials/Helpers Meeting 9:15am

Entry Fee:    $10.00 per athlete.
Children must be pre-registered and a member of an athletics club.
This includes a sausage sizzle and juice box.

Age Group:  7 – 14.  Age group is age on 31 December 2020

Athletes may enter a maximum of 5 events.  Athletes can only enter the events that have their age group listed.

Ribbons awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each age group and girl/boy event.  Competitor’s ribbons awarded to those who did not place in their events.

7 – 9 age groups will be straight finals.
10 + age groups will be based on times.

If we have insufficient numbers in any of the track events we will run age groups together, placings will be given based on age group.

Age grade patches to be worn on the day and once registered and paid will be distributed.   (Age patches will be available closer to the time).

Recommended High Jump Starting Heights
10 Girls 1.05m
10 Boys, 11 Girls 1.10m
11 Boys, 12 Girls 1.15m
12 Boys, 13 Girls 1.20m
12 Boys, 14 Girls 1.25m
14 Boys 1.30m

Parent help is required to run these events, otherwise we cannot go ahead.  
Probably also worth mentioning if you volunteer you get to be down on the ground where its all happening, and you can see your kids close-up; otherwise anyone not volunteering has to remain on the grandstand.

Sausage Sizzle starts at 12:15 and with last event finishing at 12:45, we will wrap it up after 1pm.

Enquires:  juniorathleticswhangarei@gmail.com
Registration Forms will be sent upon your enquiry along with additional information.