Tena koutou katoa

As we come to the end of our first week back after the holidays I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate all who took part in our school Mathex competition last night.  Mathex is a great competition where students work collaboratively to accurately calculate 20 questions in 30 minutes.  

Congratulations to the following rooms and students:

Y7 competition:

1st:  Room 5:  Harper Gray, Mika Lumbera, Tahir Te’O, Maya Raven

2nd: Room 16:  Kate Saunders, Kadin Polonowita, Nina Booth, Peyton Jobe

3rd:  Room 23: Hugo Kuhla, Kaelin Going, Keeley Wiseman, Matthew Shaw 

Y8 competition:

1st:  Room 7:  Charlie Croft, Jaden Skinner, Abigail Keeve, Liam Harvey

2nd: Room 4:  Kade Cuff, Ben Attwood-Edlington, Taine Middleton, Te Mana Atatolu

3rd:  Room 24:  Campbell Small, Luca Lawson, Jivahn Herbert, Eden Davis 

Thanks also to the parents and past students for providing some competition for our students – well deserved overall winners!

Use of phones:

As a staff, we have noticed an increasing number of students coming to school exceptionally tired and unable to engage in learning activities. I believe this to be a societal issue with an increasing number of hours spent gaming and/or on social media. 

A number of students are on their phones as they come through the gates in the morning and as they leave school in the afternoon.  We have also had students phoning home to say they are unwell and wanting to be picked up. The first the school knows of this is when a parent arrives to collect their child. 

The students have been informed at assembly today that we would prefer they do not bring their phones to school unless absolutely necessary.  If students do need to bring phones to school, we are encouraging them to be handed to the teacher who will lock them away for safekeeping.  If they choose not to do so then we hold no responsibility for them.

From August, students who bring phones to school will need to turn them off when they arrive at school and turn them on when they leave in the afternoon. We do hope for your cooperation with this, along with the students.  If a student continues to use their phone, without good reason, we will firstly give a warning, secondly the teacher will take the phone and lock it away until the end of the day, and then for continual use, the phone will be taken by an adult to the office where it can be collected by a parent/caregiver. 

Thank you for your continued support of the school.  

Nga mihi

Kim Sloane