Tena koutou katoa

A warm welcome to the start of Term Three. Firstly, I hope you all escaped the worst of the damage inflicted on our area last Friday evening.  What a deluge! 

We have a busy term ahead with plenty to keep our young people engaged in many different activities.  We start off with our annual Mathex competition on Thursday evening.  Participating students will have shared the details with you but in short the Y7 competition starts at 6:00pm and the Y8 one at 7:00pm.  

Next week the Science Fair inquiries will be on display in our hall from Tuesday and may be viewed when you come to your student teacher conference.  

Also next week we have our parent/teacher/student conferences and we hope to see as many of you as possible.  Rubrics were shared with you during the last week of Term Two and the conferences will focus on the information within these documents.  It will also be a chance for students to share their goals with you and generally talk about how their year is going.  Our Y8 students have a few short months before they start at high school and we hope we can share the responsibility of preparing them well for their next school journey.

Finally, if you would like to join our Parent Support Group, we would welcome your support.  Our next meeting is on August 4 at 5:00pm in our Staffroom.

I look forward to seeing a number of you throughout the term at our various events.