Tena koutou katoa

Welcome to the first update for Term Two written from school and what a fabulous start we have had to our week.

The sun is shining and the students are genuinely pleased to be back at school.  Today we have 90% of our students at school which I’m thrilled with.  It was lovely greeting the students as they entered the school yesterday; lots of smiles and plenty saying they were looking forward to catching up with their friends and teachers.  As I farewelled them at 3:00pm, they were deeply engrossed in conversations with their peers about their day.  

The students are well engaged in their learning activities and the focus this week is very much on wellbeing and engaging with plenty of fun activities.  Schoolwide we are completing some art work to adorn the concourse in our D2D (Dare to Dream) block and we will invite you to walk through later in the term when we hold parent/teacher/student conferences. 

As you will appreciate,  a number of sporting and cultural activities are on hold until we have further details from governing bodies.  As we have updates, we will inform you.  

On behalf of the Kamo Intermediate School Staff, thank you for taking the time to work alongside your children to cope with the different challenges experienced in recent times.  As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and we hope that in some way, we can make a difference to their young lives also.  

Stay safe everyone

Kim Sloane