Tena koutou katoa KIS Community 

Re:  Covid-19 

Yesterday you may have seen the Prime Minister’s address to the country. She spoke about 4 levels of the Covid-19 Virus and stated that we are currently at Alert Level 2.  With that comes recommendations as follows: people over 70 years of age and those with compromised immunity and certain existing medical conditions are asked to remain at home as much as they can from now on and avoid any non-essential travel.  

Staff and children are asked to follow the advice.  

High Risk Individuals include those with:

  • a compromised immune system
  • liver disease
  • cancer
  • kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • diabetes mellitus 

While schools currently remain open, I ask that any unwell students remain at home until 100% recovered. This includes students who are going through mandatory self isolation.  These students will be marked as ‘justified absence’.  

If your child comes to school unwell, or becomes unwell while at school, you will be called to collect your child. 

Some parents or caregivers may choose to keep their children away from school.  I understand that keeping your child at home at this time may be the best decision for you and your whanau.

This would normally be considered an unjustified absence, the overall wellbeing considerations or other considerations for particular students may need to be taken into account. We ask you to communicate clearly with the school. 

While Kamo Intermediate School remains open, our main teaching focus will be on those who are at school.  We will be working to support classes who have teachers away and will be covering some administration duties.  

We are working collaboratively to prepare to roll out distance learning. This will include both digital and unplugged (non digital) learning opportunities.  Guidelines, including apps and extensions that we will be using will be published during the week. If your child is at home, they are welcome to start a PBL (Passion Based Learning) inquiry.  

I would encourage you to spend valuable time, where possible, with your child/ren and perhaps do some things together that you don’t always have time for. Perhaps they could help plan and prepare some meals for the family.  As anxiety levels increase, try to reassure our young people that things will be ok.  

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many of you who are, through your jobs, working tirelessly in our community.  You may be working in the health sector or perhaps the supermarkets – Thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep us well nourished and healthy.  

As information comes to hand, we will keep you up to date via our facebook page and the website.

Please look after yourselves and each other.  

Kia kaha. 

Kim Sloane

Principal (Tumuaki)