Tena koutou katoa

Hasn’t it been great to see the rain, especially appreciated by those of us on tank water.  It is a small start for farmers and we hope this is the start of more to come for those really needing it.

Last time I wrote, we were preparing for Camp.  Last week’s groups all had a fantastic time and I’ve enjoyed talking with students about what their highlights were.  For many, it is the different activities but a large number have talked about being with their friends and getting to make new friends.  Quite a number have mentioned the food “we’ve never eaten this much”.  

On behalf of the school I sincerely thank all parents/caregivers who have given up their time to assist at the camps.  Without your support, we simply could not offer this experience.  

Congratulations on both of our KIS cricket teams making it through to the Northern Districts tournament.  While the girls made it due to no other teams being entered into the Intermediate competition (very disappointing), the boys did win all of their games to win the overall Northland competition.  

We heard this morning that the ND Competition has been postponed until later in the year.  

Corona Virus – COVID 19

We continue to be guided by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of our next course of action.  Our hope is that schools will remain open so we can keep some sense of normality for both you and your children.  Whole school assemblies have been postponed until next term.  

If you are unsure of the latest developments, please check in with the Ministry of Health. 

Ministry of Health – Latest Updates

Should the school close, we are working to be able to teach remotely.  After surveying students yesterday, we know that 90% have access to a device and we hope, the internet.   We will encourage students to complete an inquiry around some area of interest – passion based learning. When sitting around the dinner table, perhaps you could start to explore with your child, an area of interest/passion they may have and how this could be explored further.

We encourage families to consider what arrangements you will put into place, should we be instructed to close the school.  It is important to note that we do not envisage this happening, however it is an ever evolving situation.  

Take care everyone.  

Kia kaha

Kim Sloane

Principal / Tumuaki