Tena koutou katoa

It was wonderful to see the excitement of so many students, parents and staff as they set off for Camp yesterday.  I’m sure the three days for each student will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives. When we ask students at the end of year what some of their highlights were, they consistently say, ‘Camp’.  A massive thank you to all parents who have offered to accompany their child and assist with the activities and cooking duties.  We are most appreciative and simply could not offer this opportunity without your support.

By now the students are well into their learning journey for the year.  The first round of specialist classes has finished for the Y7 students. Please take the time to talk to your children about their experience and learning with their specialist teacher.  This year all Y7 students will have five lessons of each specialist subject and then in 2021 have the opportunity of choosing four, for the year, so they can start to become more of an expert in their chosen subjects.

Our whole school concept for 2020 is Enterprise and I’m hearing that the students have really started to engage with this.  Students have started to research and identify exactly what enterprise is and by the end of Phase One, students will have established an interest/passion or need.  

During Phases 2 and 3 students will be designing and developing by: 

  • Identifying  a product, service or system that is fit for purpose and fills a need.
  • Identifying the stakeholders and evaluating their needs.
  • Researching what is already available in the marketplace. Finding possible solutions/ideas – identification of a number of possible trials/options that could be attempted.
  • Completing a design brief for their solution/idea – “Dragons Den” pitch. 
  • Promoting a product, service or system.
  • Comparing and contrasting marketing approaches and identifying the most appropriate and effective for their client base/purpose. 
  • Creating a prototype/design for their product, service or system and assess whether it is fit for purpose (trialling, modifying and retesting).

During Phase 4 (most likely at the start of Term 4), the students will be inquiring more by 


  • Understanding the purpose of the language used in advertising/persuasive text.


  • Effectively connecting with the local community.
  • Promoting and communicating the attributes of their product/service/system.
  • Having an in-depth understanding of Enterprise.
  • Justifying and evaluating how ‘fit for purpose’ their product/service/system is through market research. Has it met a need or purpose?
  • Critically reflecting their product/service/system.

This phase is very much about the ‘so what’ of their product/system/service.  Has it met user expectations and how do they know.


I mentioned the Graduate Profile earlier in the year. Included in this are our four key values at Kamo Intermediate.  

These include:

Respect (Kia Manaaki), Resilience (Kia Kaha), Integrity (Kia pono) and Kindness (Kia Atawhai).

We constantly refer to these throughout the day and at assembly we present Inspire awards.  Students can be awarded these anytime throughout the day by any staff member.  The awards are placed into ‘team’ boxes and we present ten students with our Inspire pens.  

I would like to thank the many parents who found time to complete our Health Survey.  We will summarise and publish the data and findings during the next few weeks.  

Lastly, a polite reminder that the school day does start at 8:45am and we appreciate those who can be well settled into their class routines by that time.  We are tracking reasons for lateness / non attendance and will make contact with you if we are concerned. 

School attendance is again one of our annual goals as there continues to be a national decline of those attending school regularly.  We understand that traffic can be a little challenging at times (nothing compared to Auckland!) and encourage students to leave a little earlier if they need to.  A number say they have slept in, so perhaps setting an alarm a little earlier might help with ‘on time arrival’ at school.

Nga mihi nui

Kim Sloane

Principal (Tumuaki)