Tēnā koutou katoa

I could not let the end of the term go by without acknowledging a few of our wonderful students.  Earlier this term, the teachers were asked to nominate students who displayed great leadership and a “commitment to leading positive change in their community that leads to a sustainable future for Aotearoa”

We presented these students with a certificate at a recent assembly, reading out the citation each teacher had written.  In their shortened form, we recognise each of these students below.  

Kaleigh Soper was awarded the overall Sir Peter Blake Award and was recognised at a ceremony at Semenoff Stadium.  Mayor Sheryl Mai presented Kaleigh with her award and Karla Scott, from Westpac and the major sponsors, read out the citation.  

Below are the citations for each of the nominees. 

Sir Peter Blake Award Finalists / Citations 2019

Waimirirangi Seve  (Teacher: Andrew Epskamp)

From an early age, Waimirirangi has shown and still shows all the attributes that are to be considered for this award. 

She has a high level of integrity and is not swayed by peer pressure.  She will help all others in many regards, without wishing to be acknowledged. Waimirirangi will often stick up for or support the “underdog” – she has a strong sense of “fairness”. Her kindness to others is well known, her guidance with those that struggle is heartwarming.

Waimirirangi is a leader in her syndicate; when she speaks, everyone  listens, her mana is evident. She works hard to improve her academic results.

Danielle Iwashita  (Teacher: Andrew Epskamp)

Danielle has many leadership roles around the school, is a waste monitor,librarian and road patroller. She is determined, fair and enthusiastic in any role she undertakes. 

Danielle is the recipient of a Channel K award, a Tauira and Principal Award. She has a will to succeed and sense of fairness and justice.

Danielle is a strong team builder, displaying all KIS capabilities at all times. Her enthusiasm for the school and its values are well known.

Jack Saunders (Teacher: Hamish Ridling)

Jack is the type of human that the world needs more of in this day in age. For a boy of his age Jack has the qualities, mannerisms and morals of a man much older. Jack is a natural leader, who leads by doing but also has an ability to strategize and think things through. He is direct in his approach with others letting them know what he wants and is good at organising others. Jack is respectful of his peers, their needs and abilities. Jack is an awesome young man, who well meets the criteria for this award. He is a resilient and enthusiastic young man who lives life to the fullest. He is reflective in success and failure, seeing this as an opportunity to learn and move forward not letting set- backs get him down. A true “kiwi” who exhibits all the great characteristics of Sir Peter Blake and a young man who  is deserving of such an honorable award!

Benjamin Burns  (Teacher: Jenni Hudspith)

Ben is an outstanding young man who presents himself with many fine qualities. He is always polite and respectful toward others and promotes cooperation and teamwork within the classroom.  His attitude is always Channel K and he is hugely respected by his peers as a person who can be trusted and relied upon. Ben has many responsibilities that involve trust, reliability and organisation, and he always completes these tasks to a high standard. Ben has a kind and caring nature that is appreciated by his peers and teachers. His determination towards his work and time management with the activities he does has not gone unnoticed. Ben has involved himself in every aspect of school life at Kamo Intermediate. He has actively sought to make the most of every opportunity given to him. Ben is an outstanding ambassador for his syndicate and he has demonstrated maturity and initiative as a role model for others. He  is self driven with everything he does and has high expectations of himself. He is the class representative for Room 16 and leads this role with honesty and seriousness. Ben is also involved in many outside community organisations. He is a true example of a hard working, resilient student. Ben displays leadership qualities and continually has a smile on his face and tries to be the best that he can be.

Lily-Mae Smith  (Teacher: Dave Palmer) 

Lily-Mae is a quiet and hardworking achiever. She has a positive friendly attitude and is always willing to  lend a hand and help others. She is keen to be involved in many opportunities both inside and outside of school.  She is a promising northland gymnast who competes at a high level. She is very humble about her achievements. Lily-Mae is a supportive class rep and is respected by her peers. She is always friendly towards others and has a positive attitude towards her learning.  Lily-Mae is always keen to be involved in a range of sporting, service and arts opportunities where she can work with people and show her many talents. She is a caring and supportive student who is very dedicated and wants to do her best.

Molly Wilson  (Teacher: Dave Palmer) 

Molly  is a high achiever. . She is involved in many areas of Kamo Intermediate School Life. Over the 2 years she has put herself forward for many opportunities These range from academics, sports, service and extra curricular subjects where she involves herself at a high standard and enjoys helping others. Molly is a member of the 1st XI Hockey team and was nominated a Student Leader, where she is a positive role model and representative for her peers. She is always respectful, who gives her best in class and in the general realms of school. Molly does a great job as an office monitor for the school, helping the office ladies in their jobs, showing a responsible, mature and reliable approach. 

Kaleigh Soper (Teachers: Nicola Fannin and Natalie Bower)

Kaleigh Soper is an inspirational young woman. Inspirational because she does not let the challenges in her life define her. Kaleigh is an example of how to live your life to the fullest and overcome the challenges life brings. She doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her goals. Kaleigh is a true leader – she leads alongside others, rather than in front. Kaleigh is always hardworking and determined, she shows extraordinary resilience while still maintaining a sunny, positive presence and attitude to all those around her. Kaleigh cares for her fellow students, she will often sense someone’s need for help and quietly steps in to help them. Her kindness means that she develops strong and lasting relationships with her peers. Kaleigh has a wise head on her shoulders and a brilliant sense of humour, she can relate to adults and students alike.  Kaleigh’s strength, courage and determination is so encouraging. Kaleigh is involved in everything! She doesn’t let anything hold her back and she does it all with a beautiful smile on her face. Her passion for life and her energy is inspiring to those around her because of who she is and what she does. Thank you Kaleigh, for reminding us all that life is for living to the fullest and for taking every opportunity, regardless of what is thrown at you.

Absent:  Waimirirangi Seve

Enjoy a safe holiday everyone.

Kim Sloane