Class indications – Year 7 to Year 8 2020

Early next term, we will begin to place students in classes for 2020. Usually our Year 7’s stay with the same class for their Year 8 year, however we know that sometimes changes need to be made.

Last week every Y7 student received a form to complete to indicate if they would like to be considered for a change of class. Please discuss the options with your child. Completed forms need to be returned to the OFFICE no later than Friday 27 September.  

If there are vacancies in any of our character classes/learning environments, current students are able to indicate their preference on the Class Indication form. There will be a selection process if we have a large number of students wanting to be part of these character classes.

Character classes include: Bilingual, Boys, Thinkers Plus, Collaborative Space (Kauri), and the new 2020 Sports Class where much of the learning will be based around the context of sport.