Lucky Book Club issue No. 6 is now out.  This was sent home last week.  There are a variety of books and specials available.  It is easy to register and once you have registered you simply login.  Register at

Payment is made online via the LOOP once registered.

Alternatively, if you would like to order on the order form, you may do so ONLY if payment is made by cheque.  The cheque is to be payable to SCHOLASTIC NEW ZEALAND,  NOT to our school.   Simply bring your completed order form and cheque to Barb in the Library.

Please note that we cannot take cash at our school.

ORDERS CLOSE WEDNESDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 2019.  You can still order after the 11th SEPTEMBER,  however you will be charged freight of $4.99 and your purchases will be sent to your address.  Thank you to those parents that have made purchases.  Any purchases made enables our school to receive points, which gives us free books! Thank you for your support of our school library!