A quick reminder that school will be closing early this Thursday at 1pm for Student/Parent/Teacher conferences. At this time, your child’s teacher will discuss with you the academic and social achievements for your child. It is important that your child attends the conference so they can share their learning journey with you.

Bookings for the conferences are currently open and will close on Wednesday. If you have not yet made a booking, go to this link: www.schoolinterviews.co.nz 

Click make a booking, then use the code dqtyh

Buses will operate at normal times, however students catching buses will not be supervised as teachers will be involved in interviews.


Everyday Counts

We know that every now and then children are unwell or they have an appointment to attend. We do have some children that are regularly late or absent one or two days per week. Here are some interesting facts about how much schooling your child misses if they are continually late or away from school. Something to ponder…

If you want your child to be successful at school, then yes, attendance does matter!

1 or 2 days a week doesn’t seem like much but…

If your child misses…That equals… Which is…And over 13 years of schooling that’s…
1 day every 2 weeks20 days per year4 weeks per yearNearly 1 ½ years
1 day per week40 days per year8 weeks per yearOver 2 ½ years of school
2 days per week80 days per year16 weeks per yearOver 5 years of school
3 days per week120 days per year24 weeks per yearNearly 8 years of school


How about 10 minutes late a day? Surely that won’t affect my child?

He/she is only missing just… That equals…Which is…And over 13 years of schooling that’s…
10 mins per day50 mins per weekNearly 1 ½ weeks per yearNearly ½ year
20 minutes per day1 hr 40 mins per weekOver 2 ½ weeks per yearNearly 1 year
30 minutes per dayHalf a day per week4 weeks per yearNearly 1 ½ years
1 hour per day1 day per week8 weeks per yearOver 2 ½ years