Life Education is visiting Kamo Intermediate this term.

We will be focusing on drug use and the impact of various substances on individuals, friends
and families. Our Life Education documentary ‘The Web’ is used, telling real life stories from
New Zealander’s about their experiences in the drug world. We discuss why people may
choose to experiment with drugs and how peer pressure can influence people’s decisions.

Discussion and teaching are outlined as follows:
 – Puberty and the teenage brain
 – How the brain sends / receives messages
 – Consequences of early and prolonged drug use, and how addiction affects the
    human body
 – Understanding how substances interfere, and change the way the brain functions
 – The complex nature of drugs and the drug scene
 – The difference between adult use and teenage use of alcohol (metabolically)
 – Consideration of the effects drugs and alcohol have on society
 – The key messages during this module are:
 – Drug use has an impact on the user themselves and other people around them

We need to be kind to others particularly as we cope with our changing bodies and

We are better able to make decisions for ourselves when we have reliable

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nadine Campbell
Phone 0272702056