Regular attendance at school has a huge impact on a students learning.

Regular attendance ensures that a student is able to take advantage of the wide range of learning opportunities they have at school, as well as being able to develop and maintain their relationships with others.

The roll is marked twice daily on our computers as a Ministry of Education requirement, at 8:45 am and 1:45 pm. It is important that you let the school know if your child is not going to be at school. You can do this by phoning the school at (09) 435 0343, by using the absentee function on the ‘Skool Loop’ app, or by email at

If your child is not here at these times they can be marked as late or truant. If we have not heard that your child is going to be absent, a text will be sent. Please reply to this text to let us know why your child is not at school.

Unwell children: Lately we have had quite a few students who have had to be sent home very early in the day as they are unwell. Whilst we appreciate that sick children can affect work commitments, sending a sick child to school often means that illness is passed on to others. We would greatly appreciate it if you could keep your child home if they are unwell.