Wednesday 20 October – Level 2, Back to School

19th October 2021|0 Comments

Yay, TOMORROW we celebrate a return to Level Two and welcome all our tamariki back to school!  Let's aim to have 90% of our tamariki return this week!  It is a short term so we want to make the most of all opportunities. As has been advised, anyone 12 years of age or older is encouraged to wear a face mask.  Currently there is no directive to do so and it will be personal preference.  If students want to wear a face mask (no bandanas) they will need to provide their own and they will be supported to wear it appropriately.  We will provide hand sanitiser and discuss personal hygiene with each class. School buses will be running as normal. While we remain at Alert Level 2, we are asking children to bring their own water-filled named drink bottle, as water fountains will be off-limits. Bottles can be refilled at school using classroom taps. School lunches will be provided on a daily basis. If your child has any allergies, please contact either the classroom teacher or the school office so we can update details. We want to keep visitors to the school at a minimum and encourage you to phone rather than visit in person, if required. If students feel unwell, parents will be contacted to collect them as soon as possible.  As we know you’ll understand, we want to keep all of our students, and staff, safe from any illnesses. Ngā mihi The Kamo Intermediate Team

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Together, building tomorrow

He mahi tahi, mō apōpō

Kia Ora and Welcome to our School

Kamo Intermediate School is an inclusive learning community where we celebrate opportunities, learning and achieving together. The school is in the Whangarei suburb of Kamo. Currently sitting on a roll of around 690, it draws from a broad range of socio-economic levels. The current cultural mix is approximately 55% NZ European, 40% Maori, 5% Other (a mix of 13 other ethnicities)

We provide a high standard of education and pastoral care to students. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top quality education to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, covering a full range of learning abilities and learning needs, and specialising in the specific needs of emerging adolescent students.

We focus on providing an environment that is supportive of all areas of the school community, with particular emphasis being placed on having a positive attitude and communicating that attitude to others, be they students, staff or visitors.

Students are offered an excellent range of specialist courses, and are encouraged to develop inquiring minds and lifelong learning habits. Students are supported by an outstanding team of dedicated staff who encourage them all to be individuals, and to celebrate and acknowledge diversity. The school believes in creating opportunities for students so that they have choices about developing and extending their talents and desires.

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