Illness, Covid & Facemasks

17th June 2022|0 Comments

Kia ora Parents/Whānau We are seeing an increasing number of students and staff with winter illnesses and/or covid.  We are struggling to find relieving teachers on a daily basis and as some of you are aware, we are asking you to keep your tamariki at home and engage in online learning. While we journey through the winter months I am encouraging students, staff and anyone coming into our school to wear a mask. If we all do our bit to protect ourselves and others, we hope to reduce the number of staff and students becoming ill. Thank you. Kim Sloane

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Together, building tomorrow

He mahi tahi, mō apōpō

Kia Ora and Welcome to our School

Kamo Intermediate School is an inclusive learning community where we celebrate opportunities, learning and achieving together. The school is in the Whangarei suburb of Kamo. Currently sitting on a roll of around 690, it draws from a broad range of socio-economic levels. The current cultural mix is approximately 55% NZ European, 40% Maori, 5% Other (a mix of 13 other ethnicities)

We provide a high standard of education and pastoral care to students. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top quality education to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, covering a full range of learning abilities and learning needs, and specialising in the specific needs of emerging adolescent students.

We focus on providing an environment that is supportive of all areas of the school community, with particular emphasis being placed on having a positive attitude and communicating that attitude to others, be they students, staff or visitors.

Students are offered an excellent range of specialist courses, and are encouraged to develop inquiring minds and lifelong learning habits. Students are supported by an outstanding team of dedicated staff who encourage them all to be individuals, and to celebrate and acknowledge diversity. The school believes in creating opportunities for students so that they have choices about developing and extending their talents and desires.

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