Covid 19 Update – 27 march, 2020

27th March 2020|0 Comments

27 March 2020 Tēnā koutou katoa KIS Community A very good afternoon to you all.  The sun has been shining, the temperature is warm and not too humid - thank goodness.   By now I’m hoping people will be starting to fully appreciate the importance of staying within their ‘bubble’ to try and slow the spread of Covid-19.  On the whole the government has been very clear on what we can and cannot do outside of our homes.   The school holidays will be vastly different to the norm and with a minimum of a month’s isolation, it is important to keep some routines in place.   Once school officially starts back on April 15 (through distance learning), the suggestion is for students to be ready to start some ‘class’ learning by 10:00am.  You will hear from the teachers around this time for further support.   An email came through from the Ministry of Education yesterday and so I have included some of the content which might be useful for you.  The Ministry are frequently updating their website and it is very clearly formatted so if you are unsure of anything, please refer to this link. Ministry of Education NZ Essential Workers The Government has agreed that three large home-based providers (Barnardos, Edubase and PORSE) will provide additional support to essential service workers, where workers are not able to make their own arrangements. These providers have national coverage. The level of demand from essential service workers is not yet clear and we are exploring all options to make sure that essential service workers can do the important work necessary. In particular we are working with the wider network of home based providers to identify additional carers in areas of high demand.  Essential workers should still continue to contact one of the following three providers if they [...]

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Kia Ora and Welcome to our School

Kamo Intermediate School is an inclusive learning community where we celebrate opportunities, learning and achieving together. The school is in the Whangarei suburb of Kamo. Currently sitting on a roll of around 690, it draws from a broad range of socio-economic levels. The current cultural mix is approximately 55% NZ European, 40% Maori, 5% Other (a mix of 13 other ethnicities)

We provide a high standard of education and pastoral care to students. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top quality education to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, covering a full range of learning abilities and learning needs, and specialising in the specific needs of emerging adolescent students.

We focus on providing an environment that is supportive of all areas of the school community, with particular emphasis being placed on having a positive attitude and communicating that attitude to others, be they students, staff or visitors.

Students are offered an excellent range of specialist courses, and are encouraged to develop inquiring minds and lifelong learning habits. Students are supported by an outstanding team of dedicated staff who encourage them all to be individuals, and to celebrate and acknowledge diversity. The school believes in creating opportunities for students so that they have choices about developing and extending their talents and desires.

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