This is available for purchase from Office Max.  You can order using one of the following methods;

order online now

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Payment by credit card or internet banking
FREE DELIVERY available (see website for details)
order online now

Freephone – 0800 724 440 –  pay with your credit card

Instore – Stationery packs can also be purchased from the Office Max shop

OfficeMax Whangarei
21 Okara Drive
Weekday hours: 8am – 5.00pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed

FREE DELIVERY available (see website for details)

Stationery List for 2019

Quantity Books and Folders
3 WA4 A4 Lined books*
1 MA4 Maths book
1 3B1 notebook
2 Project Books
1 A2 ART WALLET (Year 7 and new Year 8 only)
1 2B8 hardcover book
1 Headset/earphones
1 Chromebook (highy recommended)
Quantity Item
2 Pencils
1 Blue pens
1 Red pens
2 Erasers
2 Highlighters
2 Glue sticks
1 Pencil sharpener
1 Ruler
1 Protractor and scissors

Every student is expected to have an i-device from 2019 and to bring it to school everyday.  Our preference would be chromebooks,  but any internet capable device is satisfactory. Kamo High School and Whangarei Girls High School encourage students to have chromebooks and therefore purchasing one would be an advantage.  

Please do NOT bring twink to school.

Please label all stationery clearly including pens, pencils etc.

Students are expected to have their stationery by the beginning of the school year.