Sports Results

Swimming 2018

Year 7 girls – Kate Illerbrun (Rm 16)
Year 8 girls – Hayley Foon (Rm 24)
Year 7 boys – James Cunningham (Rm 19)
Year 8 boys – Elijah Hansen (Rm 18)

Runner – ups
Year 7 girls – Charlotte Moon (Rm 5)
Year 8 girls – Chelsea Trail (Rm 19)
Year 7 boys – Ry Luff (Rm 16)
Year 8 boys – Tynan Vander Veer (Rm 6)

Northland Swimming Champs

On 12 April 6 of our students braved the really cold weather to compete in the Northland Swimming Championships.  The results were:

Hayley Foon ( 12yr old girls) Freestyle 1st, Medley 1st, Breaststroke 1st, Butterfly 3rd, Backstroke 4th, 1st in open 100m freestyle.

Kate Illerbrun ( 11yr old girls) Breaststroke 7th

James Cunningham (11yr old boys) Breaststroke 2nd, Medley 3rd, Freestyle 6th, 3rd in open 100m freestyle

Tynan Van der Veer (12yr old boys) Breaststroke 6th, Butterfly 7th, Medley 7th

Ry Luff (11yr old boys) Medley 5th, Breaststroke 6th

Elijah Hansen (12yr old boys) Butterfly 2nd , Breaststroke 3rd, 100m Freestyle3rd,  Medley5th,  50m Freestyle 5th.

Well done to all of you.