Fees and Donations

Our preferred method of payment is through Kindo. Please see the front page of our website for more information on how to access this:

Compulsory Fees

Item Description Amount
Specialist Subsidy This subsidy covers the cost of materials used in the curriculum areas of: Food Technology, Robotics, Music, Art, Textiles, Digital Design, Biotechnology $70.00
Consumable Subsidy This subsidy covers the cost of regular classroom consumables and has been decreased from previous years due to the increase of digital use $10.00
All compulsory fees must be paid by 31st October


Donation Amount
1 Child $90.00
2 or more children $70.00 each

This fee is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

The school fee allows the school to provide extras in the way of:

  • Library resources
  • Classroom resources,
  • Sports and playground equipment
  • Curriculum equipment and other supportive resources

Download a copy of our fees and donations form and information about Kindo (our on-line school shop)

fees and donations form
Introducing kindo