School Front Car Park changes

The area around the front car park is becoming a significant Health and Safety risk to our students.  We have had a few incidents that could have resulted in serious injuries. We are therefore implementing some changes from [...]

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2019 enrolments

The process for enrolling students at Kamo Intermediate is different for  2019. Caregivers, with their child,  are now required to have an interview.  Documents required are: a copy the latest school report, completed enrolment form [...]

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Wings and Things by Bonnie

Wings and Things is an extension held in the Textiles room with Ms de Bruin and Mrs Nicholson teaching it. During Wings and Things, you choose an animal with wings and you make it by [...]

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Ki-o-Rahi by Anthony and Andraeyos

On Thursday, some of the students in Tawa learned to play Ki-o-Rahi. Whaea Leela, a guest coach from Sport Northland, taught them. In Ki-o-rahi, there are two teams of 7 or 8 a side - [...]

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Kiwi North Holiday Programme

Please find attached information on Kiwi North's school holiday programme from 9 to 20 July 2018.

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‘Eggs’periment by Charlie and Quinn

Room 13, we have been doing some science ‘eggs’periments. We have been studying semi permeable membranes and osmosis. We recently conducted an experiment involving eggs, vinegar, glucose syrup, food colouring and water. We got a [...]

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Hockey Coaching – Week 7

Sticks clashed and hockey balls flew. The winter sun quickly warmed the Room 19 warriors as they bashed and hacked at the helpless white ball in front of them with their wooden sword (stick).  Hockey [...]

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Tug o’ War Champions 2018!!

It was Week 8 in Term 1 when Nikau blew away the competition and the whole syndicate ended up in the Tug ‘O’ War finals. It was said that no syndicate had ever achieved that [...]

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Room 21 Leaders

Friday 23rd March We supported Orange Friday in Room 21! It was heaps of fun to dress up and show off our Nikau colours, as well as support a fantastic organisation that do a lot [...]

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Magical Mangawahai Camp – 5th to the 7th of March

Mangawhai was a great experience for the students in Nikau. It involved many exciting activities from surfing, orienteering, team challenges, museum visits and tackling the challenge course to name a few. Those that completed the amazing coastal [...]

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