ROLL CALL/NOTICES: 8.40am - 8.55am
     MORNING BLOCK (1): 8.55am - 10.10am
                           INTERVAL: 10.10am - 10.30am 
           MIDDLE BLOCK (2): 10.30am - 11.20am
           MIDDLE BLOCK (3): 11.20am - 12.35pm
                                LUNCH: 12.35pm - 1.25pm  
 AFTERNOON BLOCK (4): 1.35pm - 3.00pm  
             TERM ONE: 31 January - 13 April          
        TERM TWO: 01 May - 07 July          
      TERM THREE: 24 July - 29 September
              TERM FOUR: 16 October - 15 December




Monday 24 JULY -to- Friday 29 SEPTEMBER 2017

Monday 24 July 2017

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Friday 28 July 2017

Monday 31 July 2017

Friday 25 August 2017

Barge Park Whangarei
Thursday 31 August 2017

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Friday 8 September 2017

Tauranga New Zealand
Sunday 10 - Friday 15 September 2017

Wednesday 20 - Wednesday 27 September 2017

Friday 29 September 2017



By Agostina T - Room 11

Lunchtime Sports

By Agostina Room 11


Lunchtime Sports is a competition that runs throughout the whole year at KIS. Students from all over the school are picked by their teachers to join their classroom sports teams. The sports played during the year are long ball, football, scatterball, tug o’ war, rippa rugby, goal shooting relay and netball. When you win a game, your class will receive syndicate points, you also advance and compete against other classrooms that have won previously.

How to get in the lunchtime sports team

To get into a Lunchtime Sports team your class teacher will get the whole class to trial, for example netball. Once you're in the team, you get to practice and hopefully learn new skills. You need to be committed and have a positive attitude. As an example netball is made up of 7 players. To make the teams fair and even, 3 players must be year 7s and 2 boys must always be playing on the court during their games.


What you do on the day of playing

On the day of playing your sports, your team will have to go to the correct venue to begin their game against other teams. Usually your class plays once a week because the rest of the classes need to play their games. The aim of the competition is to be the CHAMPION!


So far this year, these are the champions; Tug O’ War - Room 19, Scatterball - Room 14, and Netball - Room 19. At the time of publishing we are currently playing football.






By Adam W Room 27

Kauri, The Platinum Syndicate

By Adam W Room 27


Name And Colour

What is Kauri? Kauri is the new platinum syndicate. The name and colour are linked by the fact that the teachers wanted it to be as close to black as possible, because black is a very strong colour. The teachers also picked Kauri as the name because the Kauri is one of the tallest and strongest tree’s in the forest. A strong colour and a strong name for a strong syndicate.


A New Block

The new Kauri block will be parallel with the back of Tawa and be made up of four classes, Room 23, Room 24, Room 25 and Room 26. There will be a ramp connected to the wrap-around deck. There will be separate toilets and changing rooms. The existing footpath will be moved to make way for the new Kauri toilets.


The classes on the inside will all be connected with three internal sliding door’s, so all the doors can be opened making one big room. Connected to the rear of the classes there will be breakout room’s where students can work. There will also there will be a wet space in the middle of the block where the sinks are and the students can work on messy projects.


A Spare Space

At the moment the Kauri syndicate are housed in temporary classrooms. There are four classrooms, but only three are being used by the Kauri syndicate. The teachers are Mrs Radford in Room 27, Mr Harrison in Room 28 and Mrs Goodwin the Kauri syndicate leader is in Room 29 (Room 30 is a spare room being used by the school). The temporary classrooms are behind Rimu and the D2D block.


Construction of the new Kauri block is currently underway, and  personally I can't wait to move in.









Wednesday 26 July 2017

Kia ora everyone. This is an important notice regarding the Bi-Elections for the Kamo Intermediate Board of Trustees.

This is the timeline or schedule for our Bi-Elections.



By Jacynta W Room 21


“Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

- Elder M. Russell Ballard.



This year, Kamo Intermediate kids raised thousands of dollars to put towards the kids of Syria. Why do we help? How do we help? How do we reach our goal?



People from all over New Zealand give up something that they have, or do regularly in a day. I spoke to the 40 hour famine organiser of Kamo Intermediate, Miss Bower. She said that The 40 hour famine is really important, and is a good cause. Miss Bower took part as a child, but they did no eating as that was the only activity available. The kids doing the famine would also have a sleepover at their school for the whole 40 hours. She hopes that all the KIS kids who did the 40 famine, realise how lucky we are in New Zealand. We have safe homes, food to eat, clean water to drink and a safe community to grow up in. Another reason Miss Bower organises the 40 hour famine is so the KIS kids  learn selflessness, and learn to support people outside of our community.


This year we had at least 300 KIS students, do the 40 hour famine. We raised over $9,000. One student, Mahalia from Matai raised $57.60. She did no furniture, which is not using chairs to sit on, beds to sleep in or tables to eat on. Mahalia took part for the whole 40 hours. Ben from Rimu raised $20 by doing no furniture as well, for the whole 40 hours.


We all hope the money we fundraise is used to support those in Syria to have a happier life and to get the things that they really need.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller





By Ben M, Room 15

Lit Quiz

By Ben M, Room 15



The Kids Lit Quiz is a annual quiz about literature. Quizzes are held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and USA.


In each country there are regional heats. The winner of each heat progresses to the national final, where you represent your region. The champions for each country then compete in the world final.


The Kamo Intermediate Lit Quiz team Ben M, Anna P, James H B and Emma C and coach Mrs Norrish competed in the Northland competition and won, with a score of 94 the second highest score in 26 years of the competition. They then went on to represent Northland in the national final.


To prepare for this they would meet once a week with homemade questions and a bell to practice the buzzer system and their knowledge. In the regional competition they had a piece of paper to write their answers down on, in the national final they had a buzzer and had to be the first to buzz in too be able to answer the question. They practiced this for about 5 weeks before the competition.


The New Zealand final was held in Wellington this year. The team went down on Thursday the 25th of May and the competition was held on Sunday the 28th of May. Some of the activities they did were visiting the Beehive, Te Papa and visiting the new National Library exhibition He Tohu.


They arrived at the competition, their competitors looked fierce, but that didn’t scare them off. They sat down at their table and put their game faces on. The questions were much harder than the regional competition and getting one right was a rare treat. They knew a lot of the answers, but just weren’t quick enough on the buzzer.


In the end, it came down to the last question. Kings were in 3rd, KIS were just behind on 19 points. Kings buzzed in and got the question... wrong and lost a point! Kamo Intermediate then buzzed in and they got it... right! KIS received 2 points for their efforts, which put KIS on 21 and Kings on 20!


Kamo Intermediate is the third best Lit Quiz team in the country!






By Mahalia Room 7


By Mahalia Room 7


What is a Specialist?


At Kamo Intermediate School we have extra classes called Specialists.Everyone at KIS gets an opportunity to take part in each class. But what is a Specialist, and how do they work? I’ll give you the best idea of what a Specialist is.


Every student at Kamo Intermediate School participates in every Specialist class. Our 6 syndicates are split up into year 7 and year 8’s. These are then divided into 6 groups. These groups then have 3 different rotations during the year, taking part in 2 Specialists classes each time. By the end of the year we will have experienced all the Specialists run at KIS.


There are 7 Specialist subjects and 7 teachers, Mr Brown who does Hard Materials, Mr Epskamp taking Electricity, Ms De Bruin who teaches Textiles, Mrs Grant shows us how to cook in Food and Nutrition, Mrs Nicholson creates Art, Mrs Wild instructs us in Performing Arts, and Mr Hughes plays Music. Specialists are like an extension to our learning.


When we go to Specialists, there are rules we must follow for our safety. We must wear the correct uniform that fits our subject, listen to all instructions, and follow our mantras. The rules and Specialists are respected and appreciated! It always comes to mind that not all Intermediates have them.


In conclusion Specialists are great classes to include in schools and we are so lucky to have them here at KIS! It is also a great opportunity for people to make new friends and work together to become a team!





By Adam Room 27

The Library

 By Adam Room 27


To all the new students at Kamo Intermediate this is for you. This is one of the cool things about the best school in the world.


The Kamo Intermediate library is an air conditioned space (phew), right next to the front office. The librarian is Mrs Michelsen. The library is open during the day, where classes can issue and return books. The library is also open every lunchtime to read, to play games, and to relax.


The library has nearly 6,000 books (5,954 to be exact) with popular books such as Harry Potter, Geronimo Stilton, Hunger Games, Asterix and Obelix and much much more. For your convenience the library is split into two sections fiction and non-fiction. They are then split into genres such as adventure/mystery, wild life, fantasy, humour, real life, sport, graphic novels, picture books and quick reads.


If you're the kind of person who likes board games then you’re in luck, they have a giant Connect 4, a giant Chess set, Monopoly, Jenga, Scrabble and so on. For study the library has iMac computers and Chromebooks.


How To Become A Librarian

To become a librarian, there are a few things you need to know.  You must be a year 8, willing to give up your lunchtime and be reliable. Just because you are a librarian, it doesn’t mean you get special privileges, you still have to return books on time! If you have these qualities then maybe the job as a librarian is for you.


So in conclusion the library is a cool relaxing place to hang out, play some games and maybe even take a book out. So now you know about the KIS library, come and check it out today!





Monday 15 May - 2017